Demo September 2014

by Carnal Necrosis

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released September 6, 2014



all rights reserved


Carnal Necrosis Victorville, California

We are a death metal band from the high desert CA. We formed in October 2013 and are currently working on writing, recording, and producing enough songs to get our name and our sound out there for people to hear so that we can also start playing shows and making a bigger name for ourselves. We hope you guys enjoy our music! ... more

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Track Name: Fields Of The Impaled
An unknown life form, from beyond the galaxy
Searching for life, and pure domination
Superiority, is what they seek
Invade our planet, to create mass destruction

Using their weapons of far advanced technology
Impaling humans in multiplying masses
No body spared, welcome to the fields on the impaled

There will be bodies
So many bodies
By the species' enemy
Our whole planet
Left in ruins
Death and demise
Seen for miles

No one, survives
No hope, no life

Foreign life forms, slaughtering all
Mercilessly, no one is safe
They'll face their doom, they will be slaughtered
Run for your life, no one is safe
There will be bodies
So many bodies
I am disgusted by this race
I commit
Become their ally
To destroy the human kind

Decimation, mass destruction
Death and demise is among us
Massacre is their creation
Impending doom for our whole nation

Spill their blood, ingest their insides
Cannibal in which I take pride
And nobody can run or hide
This is the end you all will die

Through, the diaphragm
Spilling their blood
For, our enjoyment
I love to
See, them all die
One by one I watch them all suffer

The only way out, is through suicide
The end of your life, is what awaits you
Death is your impending fate
The spilling of your blood awaits
I will show no mercy when
I put a bullet through your head

There are bodies
So many bodies
By me and the enemy
Beg for your life
You still will die
Your blood and guts will spill tonight
Track Name: Putrefied In Existence
The sky blackens
And the colors of the land become

This forest once full of life deteriorates
The results of dysphoria have lead to misanthropy
Earth's population filled with hostility
Has caused performance
Of pillage
On all that once was beautiful
Such broad colors that once defined existence
Have become black
And white
And now are elaborations
Of dismay

Personal afflictions create decay to all of life
There is no way to escape the downfall of our kind
We're doomed

Progressively we inflict death upon ourselves
Progressively we inflict doom up our world
The biggest threat to humanity is only ourselves
Subconsciously sinning will put us at the brink of death our foolishness deserves absolutely no forgiveness

Breathing patterns change as the air becomes toxic
All that we consume now on will only make us sick
Carnal necrosis sets in
How pleasurable it is
To let ourselves decay

Why do we desire damnation?
Why destroy a beautiful creation?
This blooming garden has
Disintegrated into ashes
Humanity as a whole has
Burned it to the ground
The trees no longer provide sustenance

We are forced to survive on that which is artificial
Our bodies become decrepit in result of our selfishness

Our doomsday
Is impending
We will face
A cold reality
This darkness
Can not be escaped
Our depression
And peril
Will progressively
Until we choke
On our own blood
And we are burned
Inside our organs
There's no escape
It's what we deserve

Let us rot in our own conviction
Track Name: Seeds Of Inhumanity
Demoralized human beings walking along the earth at night
Searching for a helpless suspect in which they can plant their seed
Feeding on the needs of their inner demons for they are possessed with
Sickening flesh addictions, I will not stand for this

Their victims were defenseless, no one could hear their screams
Their torment undeserved, they tried to kick and flee
Being pinned down by the sickened, and force-fucked vigorously
They will choke on their blood, I'll end them all for good

I will sever their own cock and shove it up their fucking ass
For their actions are inhumane, I will gut them from their cunt
Unjustified acts of terror giving me a reason to
Take a chainsaw to their skull, and watch their blood fucking spew

I'll bury them alive
I will spit on their grave
Giving victims unwanted children
They should have never been born

Chainsaws and axes to dissect intestines
And utilize weapons to torture their asses
And disembowel them from their sexual organs
I want to watch their blood drain
Bringing innocent people so much fucking pain
The decision to rape one must be fucking insane
Shoving their cock in unwanted places
I will vomit on their faces

Of Inhumanity

Escaping violent crimes
With lack of punishment
It's time we take a stand
And end them all ourselves
Let them never again
See the light of day

Strap them down and let them
Be fucked by machines
No punishment too cruel for
Their evil deeds
They shall face the worst of
Give them no time to think before we end them

Force a dagger down their throat
Take a hammer to their skull
Force them to fuck a chainsaw
Mouth on curb and break their jaw
Aim a gun and bust their balls
Hammer nails into their eye holes
Let them learn how cruel they are
They are sickness with no cure
Their dark pleasures are now ours
My desire to kill is so pure


Evil people fuck young women, innocent men, forever unforgiven
Nymphomaniac I'll dissect, for rape shall result in their death
Have you any fucking respect? Fuck yourself you filthy insect

Seeds of inhumanity